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I have seen the Government Advocates and the Government Lawyers taking big number of adjournments on the ground that, we have not received any instruction that was in the year 1971-72. At times, being embarrassed in the Court and even in the instances of cases being decided against the government, as there was no reverted of the allegations were made and response to the application paid before Orissa High Court. That was because of the difficulties of time and distance. With the development of the technology, the distance and space between the response to the application made in the Court and the distance of time has considerably reduced. In fact the Advocate General’s office for last few years has been utilizing its website by putting down all writ applications received in the same day. Further in the same day or in the next day in the Advocate General’s website, which will be available to be downloaded at the other end. True it is, that we are not yet connected with tehasils and Sub-divisions.
With this system, I think we will not be asking for repeated adjournments to file a counter or for the case diary not being produced at times, and will save a lot of times by the Court and that will be a speedy disposal of case. LMS has been evolved with keeping in mind the change in technology, advancement of technology and responsibility of the government to see that litigations are disposed of quickly, so that reliance of the people are retraced, whenever it is justified and the government is not bucked-on by orders passed by Courts and development works like interim stay orders and others.
In the present , so far as Advocate General’s office is concerned, I feel completely much in a sense that there is atleast a nodal agency now to monitor the cases and the responsibilities goes to them instead of daily supervise, whether response has been arrived or not. I am much needy specifically by this effort of the government and this shows the sincerity of the government in really we made answerable to the Court in proper time. We intend all contempt matters and all writ matters, will be handed over to the system and they will monitor the cases, they will try to get their response and slowly and gradually, so far as criminal cases are concerned, assistance of Crime Branch have been taken, they have got a office in Advocate General’s office, they are trying to get it, and slowly and gradually we will also try to see the criminal cases on the purview of LMS.
I thank Mr. Arora, dynamic young man, who has been very keen to this system and thank Mr. Bijay Pattanaik, Chief Secretary of Orissa for his enthusiastic spirit and the co-operation and the appreciation that he has made to appreciate our difficulties and come to our end.


I congratulate, the Orissa state government headed by the learned Chief Secretary Mr. Pattanaik with the active assistance of Special Secretary, Mr.Arora, having framed this laudable Litigation Management System. For this without the effective assistance of learned Advocate General and active cooperation of learned government advocates, additional government advocates, standing council, this scheme could not have been framed by the State government. This scheme is implemented, it can be implemented lots of trustlessness strain and pleasure both on Judges and learned government advocates and learned Advocate General can be reduced.
The litigation is pending for decades, small trivial matters, on account of launching this LMS, by using the technology, I hope a trust that it will be a very handy for the Judges and Lawyers for the speedy disposal of the cases. To day in the country, as a whole, Lok Adalats, as my elder brother B.P Das, executive chair person, he has suggested to us by identifying the cases, I had a detailed discussion about 2 Hrs with Mr. Arora, he has applied his mind, very seriously and he has given me the assurance that 1lakh cases should be ready, 1 lakh cases may not be ready now, 50,000 cases are ready which is going to be listed either before the Courts or Lok Adalats. My brother Justice B.P Das was suggesting before we came here, that the cases are listed and identified listed in Lok Adalats, in the High Court, for months we can dispose of more than 15,000 cases. For this, the effective assistance of the Advocate General’s office of Orissa High Court is very much required, assurance is given by the learned Advocate General.
On behalf of my brother and sister Judges , I am giving a assurance that we will undertake this challenge and we will see that we will dispose of as many as cases possible to see that litigants will get the confidence, message will go to the country.
Excerpting from the pages of the day’s news paper, the Chief Justice said, today, the Justice and the Law Department in the UN of India, has approved in its cabinet meeting yesterday, the various same scheme for the speedy disposal of old cases, senior citizen’s cases, and cases of trivial nature for which 5,000 crores rupees they are earmarking.
Here, that apart, this system is put into use, I am sure that we can do a great deal and we can dispose of thousands of cases, which gives a message to the public litigant, to all the concerned, that Orissa High Court stands first in the country, that target we are going to achieve with the active assistance of my brother and sister Judges and office of the Advocate General of state government.
I am appealing, to all, not only I told to Mr.Arora, please go to the Bar Association apart from the government advocates and Standing Council of various departments. The assistance of Advocate General, Bar Association and Bart Council is very much required. I don’t think, the system which is put-in operation, my lawyer friends will not came on the way, they will certainly give their fullest cooperation in this endeavor and again appealing them to please come forward, if we dispose of more cases, there are various other public domain cases, we are required to take.
In his concluding speech, he said that, this is a laudable object, in this process we will do service to humanity, particularly the public litigant, the credibility of the High Court, government, lawyer’s community and Advocate General will be increased.


Litigation Management System pioneered by G.A (AR) Department, the Administrative Reform wing. This is a technologically intervention which will cut down delays, time for response and it will reduce human interface to an extent. We will be now in a position to transmit all the petitions, which have been filed in the advocate General’s office. All the petitions that we will collect from the Advocate General’s office, we will transmit them to the different Departments. In the first phase we are going to link the Advocate General’s office with 1,000 offices of the State Government and subsequently, we will extend it to the OAT and other Courts.
This is the beginning, that this is a part of our total Litigation Policy, which has been approved by the State Cabinet, which among other things mentions that, the State has to be a very responsible litigant. It not only has to be responsible, but it has to be responsive too. So that’s why we are now trying to take up a number of backing applications of IT. Hereby we are taking up legal landscape study of different Departments.
Many of our Departments today do not know precisely how many cases are pending and what is the nature of these cases and how long they have been pending and things like that. With the introduction of this system, with the application of IT, we are now in a position to put all these things on the table. Now we have how to track them. In the past, the Government has faced a number of cases where we have to be embarrassed and primarily this was because of our poor response to these litigations. I hope with the introduction of LMS, we will be able to bring the Government closer to the Courts, so that the various difficulties which have been faced due to the distance in time will now to be cut down and we will be able to more responsive and responsible as the litigation policy wants us to.


This system will certainly bridge the gap between the Court and the government as well as the Advocate General’s office. Orissa, in steps taking for reduction of cases, the effort of the government as well as the effort of High Court, is much ahead of other States. We have the number of permanent Lok Adalats which are nowhere in the country. The number of front offices, ADR centres, Orissa is first in opening large number of ADR centres, burden of and pendency of pendency in the courts , I hope the efforts of dynamic officer, Mr. Arora, Special Secretary of G.A Department and the effort of the Chief Secretary will be fruitful and this will be a successful effort.


This scheme has been launched for Litigation Management, and it is going to assist the Advocate General’s office in speeding-up the correspondence with various departments of the government, so that the response will be immediately obtained and the government Council in various Courts can disclose the defense or whatever stand the government wants to take in a particular case. For the orders passed in the Court, so there should be a system of communicating the daily order passed by each of the courts to the various departments, so that they can respond to such orders and whatever required to comply such orders, steps will be immediately taken by those departments. For that in our computer committee meeting, we were discussing that we require certain manpower in each Court as Data Operators who can from the Court itself uploaded the orders to our High Court website, from where departments can know what are the orders which are listed today have been passed, so that they are required to comply with them.
For that, the manpower which we will require, I was discussing with Mr.Arora, he said that we can include this in this project itself and if that can be done, and required manpower is given to the High Court, who are proficient in data operating, they will sit in each respective courts and upload the orders in gist to our High Court website, from where it can be downloaded by various departments, this is the suggestion I wanted to give.